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Cardiology Physicians “For the Practice of Cardiology” is one of the oldest groups in Volusia County. Our President Dr. James Carley is one of the founding members since the 1970s. The late Dr. Irwin Lieder and (retired) Dr. Richard Arnold were also valued members.

Our mission is to provide the best Cardiology Services to our patients with their wellbeing as the driving force.

North Daytona Beach Office: Our North Daytona Beach office is staffed by our President, Dr. James Carley, Dr. John Walker, Dr. David Henderson, Dr. Dinesh Arab and David Bamberger, PA. Daytona office: Our Daytona office is staffed by Dr. Humayun Jamidar and our newest addition, Dr. Otto Quadrat.

Our group provides all basic and complex cardiovascular diagnosis and intervention procedures.





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