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High Blood Pressure

2022-02-23T03:44:24+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

High blood pressure, called hypertension, is directly related to coronary artery disease and thickening of the heart muscle. 

Vascular Disease: Neck and Leg

2022-02-23T03:44:34+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

Blocked arteries in the neck, the carotid arteries, can lead to stroke when sufficiently narrowed. Stethoscope examination of the neck can detect sounds called bruits which often indicate carotid artery blockage.

What is Homocysteine?

2022-02-23T03:44:40+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

Homocysteine is an amino acid found in the blood. Elevated levels are associated with increased risk of heart and vascular disease. 

Aspirin a Day

2022-02-23T03:44:49+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

Aspirin is an effective blood thinner. Patients with heart disease should take one aspirin per day to lessen the risk of heart attacks. The usual dosage is one adult aspirin (325 mg). 


2022-02-23T03:45:28+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

Aerobic exercise helps protect against heart disease. The greatest benefit is achieved with at least three 30-minute exercise sessions per week. Activities do not need to be strenuous. Walking, swimming or bike riding are some of the easier habits to adopt.

Control Diabetes

2022-02-23T03:45:34+00:00July 4, 2016|Prevention|

Diabetes is associated with premature atherosclerosis and small vessel disease. Tighter control of blood sugar levels is thought to reduce complications secondary to diabetes. Appropriate weight loss in Type II diabetes reduces the risk of cardiac disease.

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